BONAVOGLIA, MOSES DE' MEDICI (d. 1446), rabbi and physician in Sicily. A protégé of the House of Aragon, he studied medicine in Padua and on his return in 1420 was appointed chief judge (dienchelele ) of the Sicilian Jews. The office, usually held by persons too close to the court, was unpopular among Sicilian Jewry. Hence Bonavoglia was twice removed from this post but was recalled each time. In 1431 he obtained from the king the abrogation of some anti-Jewish legislation. Bonavoglia was the personal physician of Alfonso V and in 1442 followed him when he conquered Naples. -BIBLIOGRAPHY: B. and G. Lagumina (eds.), Codice diplomatico dei Giudei di Sicilia, 1 (1884), 308f., 361–8; Milano, Italia, 512; Roth, Italy, 238ff., 249. (Attilio Milano)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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